Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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Social media is said to be the cornerstone for communications between everyone in the world. Social media refers to the interaction among individuals in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in cyber communities and networks. Social media sites negatively affect society by destroying an individual’s ability for independent thinking; consequently, these sites should be banned. There are many psychological effects, constant distraction social media provides for people, and the risk of sexual harassment/ cyber bullying.
By 1971, the first email was received, more than 40 years later; social media has taken the world by a storm. 1 in 4 individuals now use social networking sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, worldwide. So many activities may seem harmless, but researchers suggest social media can affect our mental health and well being. Studies have revealed psychological of constant networking, “Show that 63% of American Facebook users log on to the site daily, while 40% of users log on multiple times a day”. (Whiteman, 2015, para.1). The constant checking in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can cause many users who are addicted to social media to use the sites as a way of gaining attention and boosting their self-esteem. Individuals who use these sites for many reasons it serves, on some level, the basic purpose: Distractions and boredom relief. The constant wanting of “likes” and “follow backs” are approving reinforcement for the person’s posting…
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