Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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With the surging power of technology in the past few years, it is evident that social media usage is becoming an intricate part of human society. In view of this extraordinary social change, many studies have been done to investigate the underlying psychological use of social networking sites. While these studies target user personality traits with usage, the networking companies could also benefit from understanding what the consumer wants in that specific application or website. These studies are looking at behavioral characteristics such as an escape of loneliness, entertainment purposes, not wanting to feel left out, and many more. Despite being in a virtual world, social media has a great impact in the user’s daily life and affects…show more content…
Social media can also be used to vent during times of toughness for some people. These people choose social media to turn to rather than speaking to mental health specialists. According to Waheed, this has a positive impact on whether the user participates more frequently. When a user self-evaluates themselves based on social media feeds, factors such as upward and downward social comparisons play in effect. (Vogel et al., 207). With many platforms giving the user the freedom of selectively choosing their feeds, the consumer can compare themselves with either people of a higher status or a lower status. Despite not having a personal interaction with a person, the user is still capable of gauging statuses based from features such as likes or comments. The higher number relates to a higher status. With upwards comparisons, sometimes the objective can be productive for the user to be more like the person they chose. Vogel emphasizes that more times than not it results in negative feelings relating to insecurities and worthlessness. According to Vogel, downward comparisons tend to make the user feel pessimistic, however it is more likely to have more beneficial outcomes by the user acknowledging they are in a better overall situation. In Green Bank, West Virginia, there are no mobile phones which can receive cellular or wireless communication. (Mobile Revolution). This place symbolizes what life was like not too long ago for everyone. According to the film, this place
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