Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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Today’s world is influenced by many factors. One of which is technology; many things have been created that have revolutionized society. Social Media is one of the newly invented platforms, which have come out as a result of technology. Social media is used on the web or via applications where users can view, share and learn about what others in their lives, communities and countries are doing. Social media has made communication very effective in today’s day and age and has helped many people in many ways; however, social media also has its downsides. Social media has made our lives less private and has allowed people to be able to find out confidential information about us. This topic is vital because all people using social media, from all different age groups, should be aware of the risks involved within social media because their privacy could be invaded by anyone. Social media can thus be seen as a threat as people can set out to harm you through invasion of your privacy. Social media is bad because it affects or privacy and communication skills.

Social media affects our privacy because it allows individuals using social media to be able to put information about themselves, locations, interests etc. Many users of social media post pictures of themselves that are rather exposing and they portray themselves in these images to their friends, colleagues and families. Many young users of social media usually take self-portraits and full-bodied pictures, and videos of
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