Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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Social media has essentially altered the way that people interact live their lives. This includes how people interact with others, shop, represent themself, and even find jobs. The social media company, Pinterest, which officially launched in March 2010, has made a major impact in digital and social media landscape. It has “grown to become the third largest social networking tool (Vasudha 2)…” Pinterest allows individuals or businesses to “pin” images to a board reflecting their interests. This simple platform fueled Pinterest exponential growth to 20 million users by April 2012. The strengths that fueled Pinterest to such large growth include its ability to connect businesses and consumers. Businesses can view what consumers are…show more content…
The opportunity can also allow for Pinterest to even gain more users with more businesses utilizing Pinterest for marketing and other things. Although having such a high volume of women that use Pinterest in a strength, it is also a weakness. Businesses that need a significant amount of males may stray away from partnerships with Pinterest since not many males use the platform. This leaves Pinterest the opportunity to increase the number of males that use their platform to develop a balanced platform that more businesses will be inclined to want to partner with to grow their business. Pinterest also has to be very aware of a variety of threats. The threats include the general “cut-throat” nature of the social media atmosphere and the rules and regulations that they have to deal with as they try to expand into other countries. An organization that is dominated the social media competition can quickly lose ground and have to fight back for more users. A perfect example is MySpace. MySpace at one point was winning the social media race, but companies like Facebook and Twitter have quickly emerged as power players. This has caused MySpace to figure out how to innovate in order to remain competitive. Pinterest has to commit to being innovative and adaptive to overcome this unique challenge and threat in order to remain successful in the industry. Companies like Facebook and Twitter have been adaptive and innovative
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