Social Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Social media seems informal or careless to a lot of people outside the constraints of the millennial generation. Social media does not seem to be an appropriate avenue for something as important as employment, some may protest. Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are not part of the real world. However, if one is searching, she must know where to look. Millennials are rarely seen without a smartphone in hand, and it is assumed they are so engrossed in the screen that important details are surely to be missed. The world is spinning and the proverbial millennials never lift their eyes to gaze at the stars. What is not assumed is the extent to which millennials are networked and informed. Social media has allowed millennials to communicate with others in their cohort regardless of geographical distance or schedules. In addition to networking, learning about peers through social media encourages shared experiences and goals, while answers to almost any question are available through a few finger taps. . Social media has reach, and the world has felt its grasp this election season. Social media is the harbinger of joy, pain, and political views. The success of social media in reaching target demographics is irrefutable, and companies neglecting to harness the networking capabilities are sorely under-utilizing resources. . Using social media to attract prospective employees may seem like newfangled nonsense for the government, but it is not uncharted territory. Many
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