Social Media And Its Impact On The Current Population

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The Internet has an indescribable power to influence, connect, and mobilize the current population. Technological advances are no longer shocking but simply expected. Today’s society has different expectations for all types of relationships. Relationships are now different because the tools used to maintain peer-to-peer connections have undergone a vast alteration. The primary focus is on the Internet and, with that, the development of social media. Social media is a web-based technology that transforms how people communicate by enhancing interactive conversations. Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein define social media as “a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, which…show more content…
(3) When these concepts are isolated to Generation Y, Subrahmanya proved that adolescents primarily use the Internet as a communication tool to reinforce relationships. The changes in relationships are exceptionally present in teens that use instant messaging as a substitute for face-to-face conversation with friends. (4) Scholars explain this phenomenon by discovering that using computer networks for social interaction relieves many aspects of group anxiety. (5) The infinite possibilities of the web help define alternative realities where anonymity is welcomed and potentially psychologically rewarding. (6) Scholars agree that the rapid growth of these alternative realities is beneficial. The ambiguity of social network profiles allows adolescents to create an identity and find social acceptability without having to directly face scrutiny. (7) College students are exposed to a higher risk of Internet addiction because of their vulnerability. College students, in particular, are adjusting to massive amounts of developmental and life changes. (8) This susceptibility and exposure to an abundance of new things are aided by the use of technology and social networks that ease new connections and relieve societal pressures.
According to a study, when answering the question “What type of social media do you use or follow on a regular basis?” the majority of recipients (98.4%) used Facebook. Following the popularity of
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