Social Media And Its Impact On The Media

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Godiva currently utilizes social media in the footer of each webpage; among the social media icons present are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube. Additionally, social media sharing and engagement icons are present on each product view. Users are able to “Like” an item on Facebook, tweet it on Twitter, pin it on Pinterest, or click on the G+ Share link. Website visitors that are already logged into any of these accounts on their computers will not have to log into social media again to engage in sharing. Godiva’s marketing team does a great job in collecting data from the customer reviews on products, Allowing users to rate the product anywhere from one to five stars, create a review, and add up to six photographs to it! Additionally, Godiva has optional fields to collect age, gender, reason for purchase, frequency of purchase, value of the purchase, and lastly, selectable options for the user to select where they purchased this product (Fig. 3). Fig. 3. website. An example of a product review rating form on the website. (Note that the form is one continuous piece, it has been broken into two here so that it would display on one page). (2015). Retrieved from Godiva includes a link in their top navigation menu for “Experience Godiva”, upon clicking this link, site users will see a drop-down menu for options such as “Holiday Recipes” and “Holiday Entertaining” amongst

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