Social Media And Its Impact On The World Essay

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As we entered the digital information age in the 1990’s, many people across the world truly believed that Jan. 1, 2000 would bring the end of the world with it. While this was far from true, the ease of access to information that came with the turn of the century still brought upon unbelievable changes to the world as many people had known it to be. One of the biggest changes is the evolution of advertising from print and TV, to now include audiences across the internet through the use of social media marketing. Social media has truly had an immense impact on companies and the way they advertise their products and their services to their consumers. They are realizing that digital advertising has become one of the most important means of reaching customers in the information age. So important that businesses have had to dramatically increase their social media advertising budgets over time (Zhu & Chen, 2015, para. 1). Despite the importance of social media, the impact of using it has shown businesses that they also need to acquire a better understanding of how to use it to properly engage with customers. Overall, when used correctly and budgeted for, it has become an essential part of the marketing process. “Social media is deeply entrenched in our lives: it reaches 82% of the world 's Internet population aged 15+ and represents the largest portion of individuals’ Internet usage” (Zhu & Chen, 2015, para. 1). People have grown to include social media platforms into part of
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