Social Media And Its Impact On The Environment

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Since Inspirational Life Tips is a small start-up on our initial phase we will only focus more on Awareness and the Interest stage of the AIDA Model. • Awareness: tap into social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram prior to boost the traffic to our blog and the main website. We will make use of Facebook advertising to acquire more customers and to cross pollinate with Instagram users. • Interest: posting relevant and valuable post on both Facebook and Instagram with a picture + text (snippet). • Desire: showcasing our featured products and featured blogs using Facebook advertising and Instagram post. This would create a buzz and encourage other followers to tag along their friends and family on our post. • Action: clear call to…show more content…
They also follow various Motivational accounts of both Facebook and Instagram. • What they want – Our target audience are seeking for answers to life questions, they are seeking motivation in their daily life can be at work or school. They search for value and quality in information. They are not very price sensitive and are more visual when it comes to quotes or tips. • How their life is better – By choosing Inspirational Life Tips they can get help from a professional (Elizabeth) who has vast experience in her field. Inspirational Life Tips provides weekly updated blogs on Inspiration and real stories about people achieving their goals. Our target audience can also take part or engage in our Life Q&A where every member and the owner can communicate and try to solve issues. This is one of our competitive advantages. How is Inspirational Life Tips going to acquire followers? We have chosen 3c’s out of the 8c’s that resonate with our business objective. • Categorize- inspirational life tips should focus on its target audience and on which platform its target audience dwell on. The most populated social media platforms are the first choice but we need to focus more on where our maximum target audience is engaged. By concentrating on the platform where our maximum potential customer lies we are more likely to generate higher return on investment (ROI). For this we have decided to go with
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