Social Media And Its Impact On The Environment

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Since Inspirational Life Tips is a small start-up on our initial phase we will only focus more on Awareness and the Interest stage of the AIDA Model.

• Awareness: tap into social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram prior to boost the traffic to our blog and the main website. We will make use of Facebook advertising to acquire more customers and to cross pollinate with Instagram users.
• Interest: posting relevant and valuable post on both Facebook and Instagram with a picture + text (snippet).
• Desire: showcasing our featured products and featured blogs using Facebook advertising and Instagram post. This would create a buzz and encourage other followers to tag along their friends and family on our post.
• Action: clear call to action will be positioned on our Instagram and Facebook site (call to message), the website (call to sign up) and Facebook advertising (call in to receive discount or offer on our blog subscription and product)

Target Audience
• Who they are – Our target audience would be male and female from the age of 25 to 55 who reads Motivational Blogs, Inspirational Post and are searching for keywords like Life tips, Inspirational tips, Motivation, Motivational Quotes. Our target audience lifestyle includes activities like Meditation and Yoga. Majority of our target audience are females who are family oriented and they participate in activities that empower women strength.
• How they choose and compare products – Our target audience usually…
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