Social Media And Its Impact On The Nation

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During this last year people have been using social media to express their feeling towards immigrants. The 2016 election has marked a huge impact on the nation because not only has marked a revolution it also marked a divided nation. Group pages on social media has been the path where people can express their thoughts towards the rest of the people especially toward immigrants or aliens as they called them. People normally join those group pages because they 're being influenced by others people perspective or because they want to go with the flow. Mostly Trump supporters don 't really care how much damage they 're causing towards the immigrants they just want to hurt them as much as possible so they can leave the country.
During this last year it has been a nightmare to all the immigrant people in the country. Why? Because since then the candidate now president elected Donald Trump announced his candidacy people started their hate towards the immigrant people.”There 's been more than 700 reported incidents of harassment fueled by Trump 's election, reports The Southern Poverty Law Center, a hate watch group”(Advocate 1). I 'm not saying they started to offend them in a matter of fact many people felt freedom to express their feelings towards immigrant people. Social media like Instagram and Twitter has been a fundamental websites in where people can express their feeling. Such doing group conversations, fan pages and more, but people argues that they are not allowed to
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