Social Media And Its Impact On Writing And Receiving Emails / Text Problems

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Part A: Email /Text Problems The current technological age that uses the social media has led various problems in writing and receiving emails/texts. The biggest problem is not getting any part of a message from the text or email; understanding of the message is the greatest problem. This can be attributed to the receiving of incomprehensible and poorly arranged words and messages. The problem of using slang in writing and receiving texts is a menace. The use of such slang terms like SMH (shaking my head) among others, makes communication unofficial and only understood by a certain group of people (Heather & Graves, 2012). Making a right choice of a message tone for a text or email is a problem. Proper punctuation of texts and emails is a…show more content…
Examples of components made using this process include gears and bearings (Kaushish, 2008). The steps involved in powder metallurgy include production of powders, powder mixing, compaction, sintering and finally secondary operations. Powder production is the first step, and it involves the application of different methods (such as grinding or atomization) to obtain powders from metals or non-metals. The powder’s chemical composition, size and shape are analyzed (Kaushish, 2008). Powders are usually potential hazards, such as being flammable, and thus they should be handled with safety precaution. Mixing of powders usually involves the addition of alloying elements, pressing lubricant, binders, and other substances. The uniform distribution of the particles is emphasized in order to obtain a processed part with uniform density. Compaction involves forming the mixed powder into a compact of desirable shape and size. Whereby, the powder is pressed in a rigid enclosure which comprises of die and punches. Sintering involves using a protective atmosphere to heat the compact to a temperature below the melting point of the major constituent. The secondary operations are finally used to obtain a good finish. Conclusively, powder metallurgy is a crucial manufacturing process that enables the production of components which cannot be produced
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