Social Media And Its Influence On Society

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It is perhaps easier to count the amount of persons who do not have an account on a social media platform. The dawn of social media has carved out a way in which all generations can keep in touch with the world. According to Facebook’s newsroom, Facebook has over 1 billion daily active users. On Instagram, an average of 80 million photos are uploaded daily and approximately 3.5 billion likes. No wonder social media and its networks have opened up numerous avenues for young budding entrepreneurs to get the “word out” and generate business. From Facebook to YouTube, and all in between, entrepreneurs have utilized these platforms to share, like, upload, tweet, re-post numerous activities all in the name of business. Whether it is to create their own page or use their personal profile to sell their business, they have made use of social media and its ability to reach the masses.
Social Media and its’ networks have redefined the traditional view of the brick and mortar business in order to create new ventures for the aspiring entrepreneur. It has minimized the need for a physical building or address and the costs associated with advertising have been minimized. In addition to generating business for existing and established business, social media has created new job opportunities. It has also allowed businesses to expand their services to the far corners of the world. Companies are now hiring persons to manage their social media platforms; persons are showing their creative side…
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