Social Media And Law Enforcement Essay

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Being in law enforcement it is very important to have an effective relationship with the community so that public safety is maintained and effective policing is conducted. Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues that have made it difficult for years to have an effective relationship with the community is that the a lot of people in the community believe that police are misusing their power by using excessive force and unlawful actions against people. Social media has also played a big role in making it difficult for people to trust law enforcement due to the fact that anything can be posted at anytime. Trying to rebuild the relationship with the community is very important to overcome the lost faith the community has and to show them that law enforcement is…show more content…
What the community needs to understand is that police are using reasonable for on suspects to keep themselves and the community safe. Law enforcement now has to regain the trust of the community so that they know that they are here to keep the community safe as much as they can. One of the ways to gain the trust of the community is by educating them about what police do and why certain situations end up having to need the use of force. Another way for law enforcement to gain the trust of the community is by using social media themselves as well. Posting videos of officers working in the community and helping out civilians would help the credibility of law enforcement. The people react to the negative videos on social media, by showing them positive videos of things that are done for the community can start rebuilding the trust that a lot of people have lost. Also with the body cams that are being used on a day to day basis by police, people can also see the situations in the perspective of the office and know why the reasonable force was used on a certain
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