Social Media And Modern Age Teenagers

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Social media and modern-age teenagers is a concoction that is doomed to fail with multiple issues that affect teen’s relationships: lying, insults, communication issues, sexual harassment, and cyber bullying. Social media as a whole has been a quite amazing invention, however, with all great inventions arises many problems with said inventions. Teenagers currently are starting to face the many problems with social media, and how social media affects the teen’s relationships. The multitude of problems ranges from communication issues, to insulting others over the web, lying to one another over simple incidents, cyber bullying peers, or even to extremes such as sexual harassment. With the many problems social media presents to current teens, one wonders why social media has not yet failed. Well simply because it’s grown so much and a lot of the pros outweigh the cons but that subject is not the main focus. Right now the main focus is the effects that social media has on teens now a day. Lying comes common to humans simply because it’s an effective defensive technique, however, lying poses many dilemmas. None more so then over social media. Young adults of the modern age have found out that lying over the World Wide Web, more specifically sites like Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr, has become easy and can become second nature especially when in an unfaithful relationship. Teens start lying with no repercussions because how easy it became to lie. Teens will go on the internet and
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