Social Media And Networking Have A Strong Influence On

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Social media and networking have a strong influence on most people’s lives. Whether researching a topic, listening to news, or looking through social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, individuals find their way in life by these connections. In the 21st century this is the only way people gain information about anything and without it they feel lost and setback with their social ties. Now the question is, if people only use social media to feature information of themselves, or if they are using it to recognize everyday current events and information to enhance their future. Brian Williams, author of “Enough About You”, proposes the idea that our generation has “implied a message that if it has to do with you,…show more content…
Social software helps us learn essential skills that will benefit students in the future. It increases the chance of knowing “how to select relevant information, critically interpreting and analysing the socio-cultural context, working collaboratively and sharing knowledge” (239). This new advanced technology is learning how to critically think and work to make students advanced in their career. Students are not self-contained in only their life and things that interest them like Williams considers, “individuals have the autonomy to create and express themselves online, to author their own content, and to share that content with others in efficient and meaningful ways” (239). They create a balance between their community and the way they use social media as a benefit rather than information that only contains their interests and desires. Another way that social media helps to gain knowledge for students is by social networking. Students have been exposed to social networks for many years and it has influenced their education. Paul acknowledges, “some professors are beginning to use online social networking in hopes of positively influencing the outcomes of class discussions and teamwork on projects and better communication with and
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