Social Media And Non Profit Organisations Essay

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How have traditional and social media been used by non-profit organisations for advocacy and create a best practices guide to achieve this. Introduction Much has been studied in literature about advocacy and engagement, about mobilisation, and how social and traditional media can promote these behaviours, particularly in the case of non-profit organisations. For not for profit organisations, these tools, which are essentially applications to interact with their publics, are paramount, especially as they constantly face using limited financial resources to achieve advocacy of an ever more distracted public. This literature review will analyse what is known thus far about how these organisations are using this and propose recommendations identified through secondary research of journal articles and respected theoretical frameworks. This study is especially interesting because of the challenging scenario faced by non-profits nowadays, where they are competing ______. LITERATURE Advocacy Behaviour Accepted definitions of advocacy depend largely on the perspective of the researcher and its application. It has been discussed extensively in an array of disciplines, amongst them, social work, law, communications, government relations and marketing. Edgett (2002) describes it as the act of publicly representing an individual, organisation or idea with the objective of persuading target audiences to look favourably upon or accept an alternate position. Based on this
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