Social Media And Outdoor Recreation

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MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY OF NEWFOUNDLAND FACULTY OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Social Media and Outdoor Recreation The vital role of information systems including social media in the launch of a new outdoor recreation company in Newfoundland, Canada. Jordan Loder (201213535) 3/22/2016 Executive Summary Social media is a technological tool that allows users to share information (Business Dictionary, n.d.). Other common features include the ability for visitors to create personalized profiles or accounts where they can post information for others to view and the ability to link their accounts to others (Nations, n.d.). Within the term the “social” component means sharing with others and the “media” component refers to the technology that allows for the sharing (Nations, n.d.) Social media is a survival necessity in today’s business world, though different businesses are likely to use it in different ways. In a business specializing in outdoor recreation, participation in social media is vital. The company should have an active presence in social media forums that are popular amongst its primary target market which is likely to be young, active adults. The top social media tool used among teenagers and young adults is Snapchat, followed closely by Facebook and Instagram (Statista, 2016) so the company should prioritize those. The company should take the knowledge of the top social media tools among their audience and make every effort to engage with its audience on these
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