Social Media And Smartphone Habits

1933 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 8 Pages
Since nearly everyone is aware of the social media and smartphone phenomenon, some may wonder what kind of effects that these two things have on its users and society in general. Carrying smartphones with one’s self at all times has become commonplace, and people can be seen interacting with social media everywhere. It seems as if some people must pose for a “selfie” every time they interact with another person, tweet about their feelings whenever they are happy or sad, and post a picture of their favorite dinner on Instagram or Facebook whenever possible. Indeed these strange social media and smartphone habits could rightfully cause many to wonder what the effects are on its own users and society as a whole. The obvious answer is that social media and smartphones are making society less and less intelligent by the second. It is setting everyone back because of its pointless features and addictive nature. Social media can also blow simple matters out of proportion. Depending on who the user is friends with or following, newsfeeds and timelines can be loaded with biased opinions regarding subjects such as sports games, newly passed laws, or even celebrities’ clothing choices. Some may also state that social media is too dangerous because internet predators can easily create false accounts and possibly take advantage of other users. Although these seem to be logical reasons for social media and smartphones to be negative things, there is another side of the argument…
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