Social Media And Social Identity

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There are different ways of seeing a person’s social identity. One of those ways of those ways is through social media. You can tell a person’s social identity on social media by looking at the pictures, video, likes and posts. This what I see om my friends and I’s tumblr blogs. On tumblr, there are certain things that my friends and I post and reblog that show our social identity. Things like pictures, videos, and text posts are the usual things that my friends have that show our social identity. The social identities race, age, and gender, are shown on tumblr by myself and my friends. On my friends and my tumblr blogs, there are posts that illustrate my racial identity. I reblog posts that about being proud about your blackness. The have posts about “black excellence” that show black people achieving things such as graduating college with advanced degrees or starting their own businesses. Theses tend to be either text posts or graphics with different phrases. I reblog posts and videos that show different cultures within the african diaspora. For example pictures of different foods, songs, and dances from our different cultures. My friends do the same because my friends and I come from different parts of the diaspora. Dispora is a “dispersal of an ethnic population from an original homeland into foreign lands”(Giddens et al. 331). My friend and I reblog posts about issues that affect black people in america. There posts highlight issues such as stereotyping and
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