Social Media And Social Networking

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Have you ever heard of the contagious disease called social networking. Once you get a glimpse of any of the social media websites, you’re pretty much creating a custom made trashcan to throw your education in, a fire to burn your job into ashes, and the list goes on. Social networking is used in a way where students’ education is second from their list next to staying updated in friends, family, and even strangers’ life. With these habits developed, they bring it into their jobs like Mcdonalds or Burger King, if they’re lucky to get a job there. Now these days, all I hear from people around me talking about the most ridiculous news ever. When I hear these stories, I ask myself, “What happened to spending time on homework and studying or doing the job that was assigned to them? They pretty much said they did 24 hours worth of research on rumors about a person on social networking sites. Why?” It 's available around the world from places from the bathroom to the beach, but people are forgetting to look at how social media is changing and shaping their life in a dangerous way. I believe social networking is not beneficial and is used around the world for the wrongest reasons; hence the most reliable choice to make is to stay away or not use it at all. Ultimately, what is at stake here is the educating of students, resulting in lower grades. According to Reynol Junco, “Sophomores and juniors only experienced a negative impact on their GPAs when they used Facebook while

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