Social Media And Social Networking

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More than 40 years on since the first email was delivered, social media has taken the world by a storm with millions of demographic groups choosing to connect through social networking platforms that facilitate a multifaceted level of online communication. As of May 2011, Facebook was named the number one social networking site with over one billion users and 864 million daily active users (Satici & Uysal, 2015, p.185). The surging popularity of Facebook, which was designed to foster social interaction, is unprecedented. Conversely, in spite of its soaring popularity the prevalent adoptions of Facebook as a leisure activity has quickly become part of everyday routine, with a plethora of emerging research highlighting the negative effects…show more content…
1,819 students ranging from 13-17 years of age were sampled, drawn from year nine and eleven in addition to a collection of adolescents who took part in the Youth Activity Participation Study of Western Australia which examined an adolescent’s experience during their leisure time (Neria & Barber, 2014, p.58) To support their proposed hypothesis that “social networking site investment will be negatively associated with social self-concept, self-esteem and depressed moods”, participants were presented with a Likert scale questionnaire which in addition to demographic questions included items concerning an individual’s use, frequency and investment in social networking sites and three indicators of adjustment: social self-concept, self-esteem and depressed mood (Neria & Barber, 2014, p.58). The results from the questionnaire presented Neria and Barber with two core findings. To begin with, the results established that social networking site use differs for males and females with females being confronted with many more negative aspects then men. Men utilise social networking platforms to seek social connection whilst females seek feedback about themselves from peers. The second finding indicates that investment into social networking sites is
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