Social Media And Social Networking

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Social Networks
In the Business environment, Social networking plays a huge role throughout the world. When it comes to the business or enterprise, social networking allows employees to share ideas and collaborate more effectively than professional tools like email, facilitating well-informed as well as faster decision-making and also helps to improve productivity. Social networking sites where people interact freely, sharing and discussing information about each other and their personal life using conversations, images, videos and audio. These social media data in different forms such as blogs, forums and Chat box, social networks, Wikipedia, virtual world, tagging & news, digital storytelling and scrapbooking, and data, content, pictures and video sharing, podcast portals, and collective intelligence, social bookmarking, microblogging. There are lots popular social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube.
Theoretical roots made by the sociologists such as Georg Simmel and Emile Durkheim, who wrote the importance of studying patterns of relationships that connect social actors in social network analysis. The first social networking site degrees launched in 1997. Six degrees can help to create and share messages among the people.In 2002, they started using Friendster(social networking website) was started in US & It maintains three million users within three months. Myspace was invented in 2003, which is a clone of fritter & also started

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