Social Media And Technology : A Exciting Journey Through The World Wide Web

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Social media and technology are an incredible enhancement of the modern world. If properly balanced and educated, embracing these technologies is a rewarding and exciting journey through the World Wide Web. This electronic social and technological society we have created is the inevitable part of every child’s life; it 's hard to protect them from the adverse impacts of this society. Smart technology improves on a daily basis, the costs associated with smartphones reduced to nearly nothing, resulting in the number of adolescents and teens with them to increase. Parents want their children to have the newest technology; it is common to see children between six and eight years of age with smartphones. Age plays an important factor in whether embracing technology is acceptable. Young adolescents and some teens are not emotionally equipped to deal with the issues that accompany social media and technology and parents have no idea how to educate, monitor or safeguard them from these technologies. There are strict age limit guidelines for most social media sites. However, younger children may lie about their age in order to activate an account with or without parents knowledge. These sites are not designed for use by adolescents. Exposure to adult language, pictures or content that is not appropriate for their age. Pretending to be older than they set the bar for bending the truth to get what they want is an acceptable practice. Social media is rampant with overly critical

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