Social Media And Technology Influence Us

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Turn Off and Tune Out- Take Your Life Back Do you say, “I’m going to use my smart device to look up something” and then you find yourself on the device for over three hours? How does (social) media and technology influence us? Technology dominates people’s lives. Sometimes we get too caught up in our devices and don’t pay attention to people around us. “Studies indicate some mobile device owners check their devices every 6.5 minutes” (Becker 2). We need to take a break from our phones, computers, and all smart devices. Take a few hours one day a week or even a full day to disconnect from your device. Don’t connect to those around the world (who you don’t really know), connect to the people right next to you (your family, neighbor,…show more content…
Each time, I am reminded that life’s most fulfilling relationships are the ones in the world right in front of me. And spending too much time looking away from them does a great disadvantage to my soul and theirs. (Becker 4) For me, when having a conversation on social media, I do not see my bond growing. I see it with myself, there are certain people who I text and others I call. My relationship with the ones I call is way stronger than those who I text. Even though I have some friends overseas, I can still call them using WhatsApp or by picking up a telephone. When taking weekly breaks from social media, you will see a difference with your friendships and they will improve. When someone goes off the grid and disconnects from technology; they will have an in-person conversation, make new friendships, will not get too caught up with everything. Without technology, people will be able to live in the moment and they will not compare their life with celebrities and wealthy people. In addition, they will not look on social media and feel bad that they are not on the perfect vacation that the other person on Instagram is on, or that another person who you follow got the newest item- that’s really expensive and you cannot afford. Be happy with what you have! When people spend so much time on social media it can lead to unrest. “One in three people felt worse after visiting Facebook and more dissatisfied
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