Social Media And The 21st Century Man Acts And Knows

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It is no news that social media has changed and shaped the way the 21st century man acts and thinks. Social media plays a major role in the everyday life of a typical human, on a daily basis in more ways than one. Social media has rid today’s man of the basic essentials that are needed to function as an integral part of a community. It’s hard to even imagine that just ten years ago that people were not so engrossed and interested in the internet, let alone social networking or social media website. The beginning of the millennium which was just like fifteen to sixteen years ago and people were actually still more connected to each other physically, people visited each other more, and they were still interested in the beautiful art of letter writing.

“According to recent statistics, 61% of men and 49.1% of women are using the internet, out of 47 million in the general population. More than 30% of households are registered for super high-speed internet services (ADSL), and internet access time is much longer for each household than in the United States or other Western countries” (Richards et al. 143).

This century, people now mainly rely on technology and the internet for easy access, instead of utilizing mechanical and practical knowledge into running of everyday life. Almost every average teen and early adult is on at least one social media website. Now they are enslaved to social media, waiting on strangers’ opinion to shape their lives. When social media addicts are…
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