Social Media And The Breach Of Patient Confidentiality And Privacy

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Although the increasing prevalence of social media use has a lot to offer nurses in their job, it has given rise to some issues regarding the breach of patient privacy and confidentiality (Johnstone, 2016), as is seen in this case study. Presented is a scenario where a student nurse witnesses a fellow student post private patient information on Facebook. The following discussion highlights the required actions of the witnessing student nurse in response to the breach of patient confidentiality and privacy. This is achieved by discussing the immediate and subsequent actions required of the witnessing student nurse. As well as, the national law, national competency standards, code of ethics, and code of conduct statements that apply to this situation. Following this are recommendations to prevent, or limit, further breach incidences.
With social media use becoming prevalent in daily life it is important to ensure the safety and privacy of patients. Healthcare providers, including nurses and student nurses, are required ensure the health information of a patient is kept private and confidential at all times (Daly, Speedy & Jackson, 2014). The case study presented focuses on a student nurse witnessing a fellow student nurse divulging private patient information on Facebook. This is a direct breach of the Privacy Act (1988) and requires immediate action. Discussed further is the professional, legal, and ethical response of the witnessing student nurse. As well as, the legal and…
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