Social Media And The Communication Style Of The Millennials

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According to Angelo Young in "How social media is dumbing down our communication", the large number of people who use the internet in generation X only had one or two accounts, texting was boring and expensive, and mobile phone is designed only to call other people. Technology develops rapidly on social media, which changes the communication style of the Millennials, the group of people born at the beginning of the 21st century and in the 20th century. Communication is a process of sharing not only information and ideas but also meanings and feelings. However, social media is changing the way people communicate with each other. Social media have made differences in the communication style of the Millennials in contrast to the previous generation in the context of the communication form and the way people share their feelings. Social media has brought differences with the communication form of the millennials compared with the previous generation. The previous generation used to talk to others face to face before the invention of social media. They didn't have lots of Internet "friends" compared to the Millennials, so they spent most of the time talking to their family members. My mother is a member of the previous generation. She told me that she and her friends who lived on the same street would meet once a week sharing stories and work experiences. My mother concluded her time was fun and gratifying. As Kate Gale expressed in "Life before email and social media", people
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