Social Media And The Effect It Has On

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Social media and the effect it has on Governmental Elections
Stacy Peralta-Ortiz
University of California- Irvine

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Stacy Peralta-Ortiz, University of California- Irvine,, 437 Table of Contents

Twitter as a social platform
Twitter; The beginning
Tradition gone
Change enacted
Downfalls of media

The year 2008 ushered a new era of how politics is run. 2013, further illustrated that with the introduction of the #TwitterElection. These elections used social media to attract the attention of the voter population. The study presented in this paper was influenced by previous works from other scholars. The aim of this paper is to connect explore the connections of social media and elections. The study used already collected data from other sources. This paper focuses on presenting the impact social media has on how individuals perceive elections and how candidates can use this to win an election. This data and information is valuable to to those in marketing. As it deals with how individuals react to social media. It is also useful to those studying election.
Keywords: #TwitterElection, Social Media, Elections

Social media and the effect it has on governmental elections
Just as the world has changed due to the effect of technology in fields like medicine and war. Technology has also affected how politics and more importantly how elections are run. 2008 marked a defining point in…
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