Social Media And The Media

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Summary This paper explores four published articles and I book that pertains to the research conducted on social media. This paper also focuses on relationships, the positive and negative aspects of social media and the varies ways social media effects modern day. This paper also surveys people between the ages of fifteen and sixty- three. It discovers their daily usage that is spent these social sites and discusses the level of privacy and information that is shared on social sites. Modern Social Media Influences and Effects Social media has rapidly grown throughout our population. This has caused massive amounts of global attention. Over the years society has grown to appreciate and adapt to all social networks. Social media has brought a community of people together for many different reasons. The young adults and business owners are the main users of these sites. A number of researchers study the online field of social networks, many have discovered that these sites are impacting the lives of many in a major way. When using social media sites such as Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram there are both positive and negative effects, especially on the youth. Social networks play an crucial part in many lives. Teenagers are the main group exposed to these sites. Most teenagers are spending hours on these popular social media sites. Many wonder if spending an enormous time on these sites could have a positive impact on interaction and social

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