Social Media And The Media

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Social media companies There are now many social media companies around today, in which most are available for users and companies around the world 24/7. Some of the main ones being Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The reason that these sites are so popular with advertising is because they have a massive worldwide audience in which they can instantly reach out to. Twitter alone has 284 million monthly users, supports over 35 different languages and a gigantic 500 million tweets are sent each day. (About Twitter, Inc. | About, 2014) Rise of social media through smartphones and tablets In recent years the market for smartphones and tablets has increased rapidly and has been key to the rise in social media. Users are now able to be updated in real time pretty much anywhere, on the way to work, when out socializing, on trains and now even on airplanes user are able to stay connected. Over 80% of active Twitter users are using a mobile device. (About Twitter, Inc. | About, 2014) This means companies can have a constant connection with customers and are able to offer them current offers and promotions which are only available for a short amount of time, knowing that even if the customer is not at home they will have had a chance to see this. This also means that more increasingly companies are adding QR codes to their products which means customers are able to access the companies online website to find out more detail which may persuade them to not purchase a product or

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