Social Media And The Media

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Social Media: Social Media can be defined as any tool that uses the internet to facilitate conversations. It allows people to create, share or exchange ideas and information. Social media consists of a number of applications that are built on technological foundations and allow creation and exchange of user content.

Advantages of Social media:
• Relatively cheaper as compared to traditional media used in advertising.
• Customers have unlimited access to the social media and it caters to larger audience.
• Marketers can deliver improved customer service and respond effectively to feedback, it allows direct and more open communication with the consumers
• It’s flexible. Social Media makes content management very flexible
• Social media can communicate information in a flash and is very quick.
• Social Media allow marketers to listen to their customers and make the required amendments in their product and service.

Disadvantages of Social Media
• Marketers cannot control the information posted on social media. Hence, it not only important to have an effective ad campaign but it’s equally important to have a great product or service.
• Social Media has hidden costs involved, since companies need to post updates on a regular basis, they would probably need to higher resources who would perform this task effectively.
• Social Media also poses legal risks in terms of false advertising and leaking confidential information on the internet.
• In case the social media generates…

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