Social Media And The Media

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The advertisement is successful in communicating to its targeted audience of social media users as it utilises symbolization of the Facebook ‘like’ feature (semiotic) in the form of thumbs-up gestures. This appeals to social media users as the audience is aware of social media philanthropy, which have enveloped first-world countries. However, in the ad, the thumbs-up is exaggerated ironically in contrast with the situation. This is constructed as to portray how minimal support from the audience is provided to such crises, contradicting the gestures presumed purpose. The rhetorical effect of the thumbs-up gesture is amplified by repetition, and the repeating elements expand the effect of the thumbs-up image. The numerous amounts of the thumbs-up icon indicate the many hands of a widespread audience on social media access information about the crises, but instead of taking action for the improvement of the crisis they perpetuate the leisurely pleasures in their own lives. This provokes a feeling of guilt (emotional appeal) in social media users as they are the ones who are virtually imitating this act; this advertisement is similar to a knife piercing through the hypocrisy of social media users of attempting to associate with a good, but not really making any effort towards the improvement. The amplification produced by the repetition of the thumbs-up icon also develops satire towards Facebook philanthropy, indicating that the audience publicising crises is not actually

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