Social Media And The Modern Era

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In the modern era it is becoming apparent that connectivity is a way of life, in particular, connectivity to social media outlets allowing humans to interact with friends, family, and businesses. Consequently we live in a world where our social interactions, played out through social media are removing individuals from simplistic forms of real world interactions. Virtual social interactions are not just tools for individuals to easily connect with long lost friends or organize social events; it has become a major tool recently for marketing campaigns and big business advertisement agencies. In the non-technological era, where Smartphone’s and computers were merely a concept, business struggled to formulate and ground accurate advertisements campaigns that were generalized across demographics and social distinctions. In part, this is due to the lack of social outreach that could be achieved by marketing and advertising in a time where interactions were restricted to centralized geographical boarders.
Creating a marketing blanket that would cover the entire target population, before the advent of social media, would be deemed too expensive and impractical. Collection of generalized feed back through small focus groups was often faulty due to the inability for a company to grasp the full understanding of the market. However, in today’s socially connected world, the sharing of information has never been easier. Arguably, the transmission speeds of information has created mass
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