Social Media And The Public Relations Industry

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The Use of Social Media in the Public Relations Industry As technology advances, social media has become more prominent in the public relations (PR) industry. Many PR practitioners now utilize social media to interact with their publics, in attempts to have strong two-way symmetrical communication and build relationships with them. I chose the topic of “The Use of Social Media in the PR Industry” because I have a great interest in how practitioners use this newly developed communication mechanism. After reading these articles, my search results revealed that practitioners are fully aware of the benefits of using social media. They believe it is a new way to establish two-way symmetrical communication with their publics, however, a vast majority of practitioners do not understand how to go about utilizing social media for their organization. Social media strategies will often differ for each organization because their public’s have unique, specific needs and interests. If PR practitioners fail to develop tailored strategies which create a consistent, mutually beneficial relationship between their organization and its publics, their social media efforts will not reach their fullest potential.

Study One: Avidar, Ruth (2009). Social media, societal culture and Israeli public relations pratice. The Center for the Study of the Information Society.
This study is from the Public Relations Review and focuses on Israeli public relations practitioners’ use of social media. In the
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