Social Media And The Workplace

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Social Media in the Workplace In the business world, one of the biggest problems that companies and employee’s face is whether or not it’s ethical for companies to monitor their employee’s social media accounts. It is very common for companies to conduct Internet searches for their potential employees, in order for them to decide whether or not they should hire them. Many companies have also begun to fire based on what their current employees are posting on their social media accounts. Some employees believe these are major violations of their rights to privacy and feel that companies have no right being allowed access to their social media accounts, much less, fire based on them. However, companies have it in their best intentions to…show more content…
If a customer feels that an employee is disrespectful or untrustworthy then they will lose interest in the company they were working with, and will no longer give them business. Although, many employees feel that when companies use social media to hire they are just discriminating, they are really not. Most employers use social media to look for “legitimate evidence…such as references to drugs or other illegal activities, comments that are discriminatory or harassing, [as well as] signs that an applicant has been dishonest about work history or abilities” ( when they are choosing who to hire. This goes to show that companies are not setting out to find errors and minor things wrong with their potential employees. Instead they are looking to make sure they are picking the best candidates to represent them in the long run. Companies are also at risk of losing their reputations due to scandals within itself. This type of situation would most likely result in other companies not wanting to do business with them, which would then lead to the company losing money. An example of this situation would be the Chevron scandal. The Chevron company had to pay four of its workers a total of $2.2 million “when email evidence of…an inappropriate forward of jokes had circulated the firm” ( If the company would have been monitoring its employee’s email accounts, then
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