Social Media And The World Wide Web Essay

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The world we live in today is being constructed by the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web contains infinite amounts of information and infinite networks. These so called networks are constantly being used to people’s advantage because it makes communication faster than the speed of light. Nowadays, as a worldwide culture we are saturated into different types of social media. These different types of social media, control our daily lives whether we like it or not. Social media is a world on its own, it is created by different networks in the World Wide Web. It allows us to do various tasks besides communicating with a relative or colleague. Social media has expanded in a tremendously large magnitude in such a short amount of time period, and still to this day it continues to evolve as if it belongs to its own species. Although, many people use social media every day, it can play a negative and positive role depending on what the social media is being used for. The World Wide Web can be a very dangerous place, especially towards young kids and young adults who are still developing skills for their futures. One of the largest known social media site nowadays is Facebook. Facebook is one of the largest corporations when it comes to the social media world. Facebook is widely known for its popularity and its constant development. It currently surpasses any other social media apps or websites to this day. It is by far a revolutionary network. In such a short amount of time period,

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