Social Media Argument Paper

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Main argument: There are many contributions brought by the easy access social media provides as different groups can keep in contact in just a matter of a click. Social media is available to anyone at any time and those who are the most influential (teenagers) fall victims to the propaganda and ideas the Iraqi group tell them. Social media give these groups easy access to spread their ideas and beliefs, contact people, trade goods, and plan within a group how to collaborate and expand. My main argument focus on the dangerousness of social media that we tend to ignore since we usually think technology is just a first world problem associated with the decrement of social interaction, but it is worst then that and these middle east groups are way more in advance then western countries, impacting in political matters and recruiting teenagers/young adults, contracting to…show more content…
Although these actions are against the policy of the page there are already existing million of pages about arm trafficking. Facebook's new updates allowed these process to be easier, "for sellers to display items to more customers; and for customers to peruse and haggle over a larger assortment of weapons than what is available in smaller, physical markets" (6)  Farwell, James P. "The Media Strategy of ISIS." Survival (00396338) 56.6 (2014): 49-55. Web. o Farwell's article includes more in detail how ISIS keeps in touch with their supporters in social media, this article is associated with many of my other articles as it also mentions the use of hashtags, videos, and trends in social media ISIS uses but also talks about the impact it has with different groups, those oppose, mocking ISIS recruitment, and those with it, sharing hashtags and making videos supporting these groups.  Gladwell Malcolm, "Small change: Why the revolution will not be Tweeted." They say I say. 399-415.
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