Social Media As A Marketing Tool

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Scholars, especially in sociology and psychology have noted with immense concern the massive increase in the usage of social networking media over the past several years. This is illustrated by the fact that within eight years, the subscription and usage of Facebook had grown to almost a billion people. WhatsApp, on the other hand, has stood out as the most popular messenger application globally. Some recent studies revealed that it has become more popular than Twitter with more than three hundred million active monthly users. Several billion messages are passed on a daily basis through WhatsApp and its availability across almost all mobile phones and easy usage has made it so popular, attracting so many users (Messengers Review 1).…show more content…
This paper seeks to understand how social networking media plays an important role in the contemporary society in relation to the manner in which people communicate, create relationships, share information or relate with each other. Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media sites have affected the manner in which people interact. As social networking sites gain greater popularity, human social interaction has been affected in a number of ways, which is part of adaptation to the modern technological world. The users of web 2.0 socialize in a totally new and unique way compared to the old generation that used letters, and face-to-face interactions. Communication via such media is completely different from the traditional methods. Through Facebook and WhatsApp, a user can connect with unlimited number of people, some of whom one has never met face-to-face. Strangers get to know each other through Facebook, become close friends chatting every day and opening to each other but may never even meet in their lifetime. Through social networking sites, such as Facebook, meeting old friends, family members, and business partners has been made easier and possible. One does not have to travel all the way to their various destinations to be able to catch up or even converse. Members can freely exchange ideas or express themselves as if they were in a face-to-face meeting
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