Social Media As An Investigative Object

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The main argument of this text is social media being an investigative object. The authors of this text clearly illustrate how social media has acted as an investigative object. The following points support this aspect of social media. • One of the major roles of the social media in modern policing is acting as an analytical tool. Criminal investigations tend to incorporate use of social media in creating leads towards the suspects . This is mainly because most people have the tendency in updating their whereabouts on social media and even it is possible to know the character of someone by accessing their accounts. • Because of presence of numerous cases without leads, social media can be used to initiate those leads making the detectives have easy time while handling these issues. • Most cases that have festered can be revitalized by having access to the concerned individuals and have they brought to book. This is among the positives that can be drawn from the use of social media The main argument of this text is the limitations of using social media in modern policing. The author of this article illustrates the limitations in which social media can be used in community policing. The following points support this argument. • Despite the numerous positive roles played by social media in modern policing, there are also related negative roles in the process . The most common problem involved in modern policing is the security threats that are incurred by the officers
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