Social Media As Valuable Tool For Communication And Information

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Social media serves as valuable tool for communication and information and it is a big part of everyone 's lives today. People want to stay in touch with each other and know what 's going on in the world. It 's a quick way to get in touch with someone in many situations. Example 's are: having fun, asking a question about homework, sharing visuals, or even for emergencies. When something important happens in the world, you can search many sources to get information. You can upload and share videos and photos with your friends and also watch their videos and see their photos. This keeps one another updated as to what you are doing. The images state fairly clearly what you are doing in your life at any given time. Through social media, you can have the friends that you want to have or you can block disturbing followers. No matter your location, you can communicate with anyone from all over the globe. Finding old friends is easy through social media. You can post that you are looking for someone and you may get a response from that particular person. Visual images do things that words can 't. A large part of the human brain dedicates itself to visual processing. We process images at an astonishing speed. When we see a picture, we analyze it very quickly and we know the meaning and setup within it immediately. A post on a social media platform with an image, is 10 times more likely to grab an audience 's attention. Images help educate. Reading a book
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