Social Media Can Lead A Teenager

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“You’re really fat!”.. “You’re so ugly!”.. “You’re so stupid!”.. “You’re so worthless!”.. “You’re a piece of shit!”.. “You’re such a bitch!”.. “Go kill yourself loser!”.. “You’re so weird!”.. “Nobody likes you!” The 2011 hit feature Cyberbully stresses how comments on social media can lead a teenager to consider and possibly attempt suicide. As of 2015, people all around the world use over 1000 social networking sites. Some of the most common social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat. Technological communication between teenagers does not end with only social media sites; teenagers text, email, Skype, Facetime, oovoo, and talk on the phone. A recorded 73 percent of teenagers own a phone and 85 percent of those phones are smartphones. Out of these smartphone owners, 92 percent of them admitted to going online every day. ( Although technology is a convenience to us now, it is also a huge contributor to the cyber bullying which may lead to teen suicides throughout the world.
Certainly technology has its dangers, but it also has its conveniences to the human race. Using certain technology, such as computers or smartphones, people can conduct a widespread online search over any topic they wish to research, and within a matter of a few seconds, they have an abundance of articles, books, movies, videos, and images. Without technology, finding a relevant source of information could take an extensive amount of time. Another way
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