Social Media Case Study : Costco

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Social Media Case Study - Costco
Social media has become an influential ground for consumers to share their opinions about a company’s brand and products. In addition, it helps in having a strong brand that produces positive relations and distinguish the brand from competitors, is a critical component for effective marketing. According to Dahlén and Lange (2009) “the quality of the product is not the evident factor when it comes to purchasing a product, the deciding factor depends on how the brand is perceived” (Para. 1). This demonstrates the importance of incorporating social media as a tool to promote brands, allow for interactions, and customer satisfaction by engaging with customers more frequently for feedbacks or reviews. Thus create an opportunity for the company to show its devotion to their customers, and initiate good reputation, which can increase sales. In other words, social media has the ability to upsurge the awareness for businesses as well as the brand.
The organization Costco’s former CEO Jim Sinegal designed the Wholesale Club Notion in 1983. Stores were quickly spread throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. According to Michaud (2012), “By the end of 2008, there were 550 stores in 40 states and 7 countries, with 54 million members” (Para. 3). The company creates a global chain of warehouses that carry value products as per their slogan. Michaud further discussed that “Costco is also one of the largest corporation in the world with 663 stores

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