Social Media, Communication, And Marketing Plan

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Strategic Direction The strategic direction for KitRex, as well as Architrep, LLC is extracted from the data and analysis that went into developing the previous sections of this document. This section will address the client’s objectives, as well as the proposed solutions for KitRex and Architrep today and in the future. Marketing Plan The social media, communication and marketing plan outlined below is an integrated marketing communication strategy that is based problem solving and creating an impact-driven plan that is focused, and fact-based. Based on perceived hypotheses, or initial ideas supported with facts about what the answer might be, allowed for effective analysis of the KitRex plan. The marketing plan for KitRex’s future was developed based six primary components – identifying goals, reflecting, developing campaign theme, telling your story, assigning responsibilities, and tracking your results. As a result of these components the following plan addresses marketing, communication, social media, distribution channels, and organizational structure change. “6-STEP BLUEPRINT TO EXCEEDING YOUR GOALS” (ACT-ON, 2016) This guide provides a six step outline for KitRex to establish a high performance marketing plan, which is goal-oriented, reflective, consistent, and measurable. Identifying and Creating Goals In this phase it is imperative for the organization to develop high performance goals. The goals identified and established should help the organization
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