Social Media Creates Crime And How It Catches Criminals

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Imagine talking to someone through Facebook. You have never seen this person face to face. You have never heard her real voice. You don’t know why she friended you on Facebook. All you know is what she put on her Facebook page. You don’t even know if she is even a she, the other person could be a thirty year old sexual predator. But you don’t know that. All you know is that “she” is another thirteen year old girl that likes music, clothes and wants to be a famous singer. When in reality it’s just an older guy that wants to hurt you. In this paper, I will discuss the history of social media. I will include various types of crimes involving social media. I will discuss how social media creates crime and how it catches criminals. I will discuss cases involving social media. Lastly, I will list possible solutions to prevent crimes through social media. Even though social media is almost two decades old, there is a lot of history with it. So much has changed with the internet; who would have thought that social media would become so popular by 2016. Who could have guessed that social media would be used to hurt people, but at the same time be used to solve crime cases. In 1997, the first social media site called SixDegrees was born. SixDegrees was a site the user could create a profile and friend other people, much like Facebook today (Terrel, 2015). In 1999, Blogger rose to popularity. There were two kinds of blogs, personal and corporate. Personal blogs are a window into
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