Social Media Dating Research

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Social media such as Instagram and Facebook may be a great tool for connecting with close companions and loved ones, but it also seems to be simultaneously ruining dating for some. Has dating ever been more awkward and weird than it is right now? Probably not. Back in the olden days, “dating” pretty much meant the same thing to everyone. It basically meant two people who liked each other would actually meet, in person, to engage in innocent activities like eating dinner and watching a movie. Today, in the world of Snapchat, Tinder, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and the rest of it, social media dating can mean many different things or nothing at all. Social media and dating can be as complicated as, are we dating if we hook up? If we “talk”…show more content…
SRJC student Daniel Zimmerman says, “ Many people are always editing their pictures to make it not even look like them and it’s hard to know if that person is real or not, or if they really are who they say they are”. Considering the Internet makes everyone casually browsable, it’s hard not to feel like you’re being judged and tossed aside with a frightening amount of ease. Zimmerman says, “Maybe people edit their pictures to make it not look like them because they feel that they will be judged on their actual appearance”. That cyber distance may be the heart of the problem. While social media can help you stay connected to friends, its shadow side is that it can also erode people’s natural instincts towards empathy and personal accountability. Any number of horror stories from the news can serve as examples, such as “catfishing” which is someone who hides behind another person’s identity and pretends to be them. SRJC student Hailey Grey says, “ People should be careful when dating online because sometimes you don’t know if that person is really them or if they are using someone else’s identity, just to think about it is scary. I have had a couple of people talk to me who use other people’s identity, and I could tell it wasn’t
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