Social Media Disadvantages

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Social media is a way for people to communicate anywhere and at any time. Some people think that it is beneficial to have in society. Although, many people are starting to see negative effects arise from the use of social media as well. These negative effects are increasing and becoming more problematic every day. The disadvantages of social media far outweigh the advantages. Social media effects everyone in society, especially teenagers by negatively impacting their lives, face-to-face interactions, and mental health. Social media is causing teenagers to be negatively influenced. This is an issue, because teenagers are extremely impressionable and social media is negatively impacting their lives each day whether they are conscious of…show more content…
This makes it easier for them to find out what grade they received on an assignment or finish a group project that they were assigned to do. However, the negative aspects outweigh the positive ones. Kara Fox on the CNN website wrote the article, “Instagram Worst App for Young People’s Mental Health,” she states, “You Tube was found to have the most positive impact, while Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter all demonstrated negative affects overall on young people’s mental health” (Fox). In the statement, she indicates that Instagram, along with Twitter and a couple other social media sites negatively affect teenagers more. Instagram is one of the most harmful social media apps for teenagers’ mental health, along with Snapchat following close behind, according to a new report that has been found in the U.K. by the Royal Society for Public Health in the U.K. This study had surveyed a large amount of young people with ages that ranged from 14 to 21 on how social media platforms effect people’s health and well-being. Some of the issues that had arisen include depression, self-identity, anxiety, and body image. Instagram is also causing young girls to put themselves down, or make them feel inadequate compared to other girls, they feel that they need to edit their pictures to look beautiful. According to the report, young people who are spending two hours or more on social media sites are more

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