Social Media Disadvantages

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Social media, or social network is defined by as an online community of people with a common interest who use a website or other technologies to communicate with each other and share information, resources, etc. Social media has become one of the most popular used forms of electronic communication. It allows users ranging from various age groups to connect and interact with each other from all across the world. Today, the younger generation can utilize social media as a useful tool. Younger users can access these networks to communicate and create new friends, access up-to-date information and events, and use them as a form of entertainment. However, social media has some disadvantages that can impact younger users. Social media can affect younger users by being addictive, impacting education, and can pose dangerous threats. First, younger users can become addicted to social media. In the 21st century, technology has and still is evolving. Unlike some of the previous generations, it is common today to see a child interacting with a mobile device. This allows them to have access to social media websites and apps. Critics believe that social media can be positive, “[enabling] more young people to be creative and innovative (Austin).” However, becoming more active with social media activity can lead into an addiction. For instance, on popular websites and apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, users have a popular feature called the “like button” allowing them to show their support towards different content. For teens, gaining a high number of likes can illustrate popularity, increasing self-esteem. On the other hand, this could lead into an addiction among individuals. In a brain scan study by Lauren Sherman, lead author of the brain study and researcher at UCLA, claimed “that one of the reasons that teens are such active users on social media is that they’re really sensitive to these likes (Almendrala).” Consequently, a user addiction for likes on social media can impact an individual’s self-esteem, and lead into time wasted on social media by the individual. Furthermore, connecting into effecting education. Second, social media can affect younger user’s education. With the access to

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