Social Media Disadvantages

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“Social networking sites are a top news source for 27.8% of Americans, ranking below newspapers (28.8%) and above radio (18.8%) and print publications (6%)” (Marino 2012). Social Media is used by billions of people worldwide everyday. The issue is that it enables false information and spreading of unreliable sources. Social media is advantage to users because it promotes self expression of one’s ideas, empowers people to make a change in society, and helps to bond good relationships (, 2017). The disadvantages to Social media is that it promotes cyberbullying, causes people to be less social in society, and is timewasting. The compromise between the two sides of social media is of its access to worldwide connectivity. Social media is a major platform for spreading false information to users of the unreliable sources. Fake news is “false information disseminated under the guise of news reporting” (, 2017). For example “... fully retracted a story after questions were raised about the accuracy of the reporting and sourcing, … A Russian investment fund with ties to Trump officials.” The story was investigated to be untrue. The fake news was not aired on tv but, was spotted on the internet by Brietbart news (Boyle 2017). Fake news is undeniably a problem that we as a society tend to cohort. We tend to believe what we see on social media without checking if the source is credible. People who advocate for social media believe that it is expression of one’s self through their ideas. For example on a very popular social application Twitter you can express one's everyday thoughts, and on the application Instagram you can share pictures and express artistry. Social media advocates also believe that it empowers people to make a change in society. For example celebrities and other people use social media to shine light on donating to charity funds, getting involved in community service to promote healthier cities, and being involved in our society to help advocate change. Lastly social media helps people to bond and form relationships with others that have similar aspects in life (, 2017). People that oppose social media believe that it

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