Social Media Disadvantages

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Introduction Social media is presently one of the best opportunities that is available for a brand to connect with the prospective consumers. Social media can also be treated as a medium for the socialization. For the businesses, the social media is a marketing opportunity for transcending the connecting between the consumers and the companies. The influence of the social media is infiltrating various aspects of our lives(Arca, 2012). Social media is constantly rising and the impacts of the social networking is penetrating in almost all businesses Social media are often used for spreading the knowledge about the changing opinions of the people. Important marketing tactics are applied to these social networks for better outcomes. Businesses with a well-established and ethical social media platform have more chances to become successful in the competition of the social networks. This research report comprises of the detailed explanation for the advantages and the disadvantages associated with the social networks. A rigorous analysis for the subject has been done in the report. Project Objective The research study identifies the advantages and the disadvantages of the social networks in business. The main objective for the research is to study the recent trends in the growth of the social media platforms and the advantages and the disadvantages that are associated with this. Business require to master the principals as well as tactics of making use of the social media

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