Social Media Effects On American Culture Essay

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Social media has exploded in American culture because it makes our lives easier and the world a better place. Hard to imagine there was no Facebook or Twitter just 12 years ago. Sure there’s some negatives associated with it, but overall social media has so many benefits. In fact, here’s seven reasons why we think social media rocks!

1. It makes you happier
Some studies report social media makes you happy, while others report it makes you sad. So what is it — happy or sad? The truth is social media is what you make of it. From uplifting quotes to seeing your friends and loved–ones smiling faces, social media has the potential to brighten your day when you need a lift, but it depends on what you do with it.
“Social media isn't some separate entity apart from human beings,” says Todd Leopold, pop culture specialist for CNN, “social media IS human beings.” Facebook was founded in 2004, And Twitter in 2006, but the concept is as old as human relationships, says Leopold.
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It allows you to connect with friends
Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or LinkedIn allow users to reconnect with old friends who live across country or other parts of the world — something, not so easily achieved in the “real” world.
Sixty-seven percent of social media users say that the major reason they use social media is to stay in touch with friends and family members, suggests Pew Research Center. In addition, 76 percent of all teens use social media, according to Pew, to connect with and learn more about new friends.
5. It can help your career
Whether you're changing jobs, moving in a new career direction or simply trying to move up the ladder, social media plays an important role. Your social network connects you to the people you know, the people they know and so on and so on. And as the old adage goes “it’s not always what you know, but who you know.” Through social media, you can stay connected and manage your business relationships when you’re at the gym or even in your
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